Scott Mann


Making Deep Connections, Restoring Trust, & Leading from the Bottom Up
Clarity of Vision

Clarity of Vision   I have no idea what my purpose is. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here. I hear that a lot, actually. I travel around the country and I talk to folks about leadership and, you know, typically, I focus on, not so much...

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Pursuit Of Purpose

Pursuit Of Purpose   “You know, more than anything else, I just want to matter. I just want to make a difference.” This is what my buddy Romy Camargo said to me some years ago. He was a Green Beret, a great friend of mine, served with me in 7th...

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Abundance Over Scarcity

Abundance Over Scarcity   “Ladies and gentlemen, I am stepping down as the CEO effective immediately.” When this guy—this senior leader of this publicly traded NASDAQ organization, multi-billion dollar revenue producing company—when this guy stepped down and...

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