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What can I do for your audience? That is THE question, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be quickly skimming to the bottom of this page right now. Well, I know what I can do for you—and your upcoming event.

Wile big ideas and inspiring stories are nice, you need someone who can deliver value that not only energizes a crowd but makes them say, “I’m taking what that guy up there just said and applying it to my world immediately!” You’re in the business of creating events that will leave lasting impressions on everyone in the room. I am, too.

Whether I’m speaking to a group of battle-hardened Marines, busy C-suite execs or young, energetic business school students, by the time I’m done, your group will be ready to adapt new ways of thinking, operating and executing into their daily workflow and experience, as well as their long-term professional development. While I don’t know who is in your room right now, I’ve spoken to such a broad range of groups that I’m able to connect with and mobilize people across many industries and backgrounds to achieve outcomes they didn’t even think possible.

My topics range from providing stability in areas of potential high conflict, solving problems in high-stakes settings, developing leadership skills that work in today’s corporate America and overcoming adversity. Your audience will leave with information and techniques that can be applied in the immediate hours and days following your event.

I’m ready to deliver the goods for your next audience. Let me help put your event on everyone’s short list.